Encouraging conversation about environmental change through art.

One of the goals of the Knowledge Integration project is to inspire thick descriptions of how environmental science actually works.

Art offers an opportunity to explore questions from new angles and engage the public in conversation about environmental change.

The project aims to inspire conversations around questions like:

  • How do different cultures imagine and see change in our environment?
  • What is the future of special places like the Amazon?
  • What is gained and what is lost as these places change?
  • What can science learn from art?

In partnership with the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art, Dr. Meehan and her team will curate a public art exhibition about visual culture and the environment, drawing on questions, insights, and provocations generated by the project.

Located on the University of Oregon campus, the JSMA is a world-class academic museum that attracts nearly 60,000 visitors annually and supports student learning, faculty research, and public discovery. The exhibit will debut at the JSMA in 2020.