Katie Meehan, Ph.D.

A human geographer and water policy specialist by training, Dr. Meehan is the principal investigator and director of the Knowledge Integration Project. Her teaching and research interests include urban political ecology, ethnography and visual culture, science and technology studies, and Latin American environmental politics. Dr. Meehan earned her B.A. from the University of Oregon and graduate degrees from the University of Oxford (U.K.) and the University of Arizona. A two-time Fulbright scholar, Dr. Meehan is currently an associate professor in geography at the University of Oregon, with affiliate positions in Latin American studies, environmental studies, and the Center for the Study of Women in Society. Her research has appeared in notable journals, such as Science, Geoforum, Environmental Science & Policy, and WIREs Climate Change.

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Fiona De Los Rios-McCutcheon

Ms. De Los Rios-McCutcheon is the undergraduate research assistant for this project. She is a University of Oregon student majoring in Geography and Political Science, with a minor in French. She also speaks Spanish. Ms. De Los Rios-McCutcheon is passionate about social justice issues. She is from San Jose, California, where her parents live with her dog Harry.